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From the Desk of Juan Diaz

None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. There have been many influential people in my life that I want to show my gratitude to as we head into the weekend. I strive to be grateful everyday. As Emerson said “Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good … Continued

Should I hire a Mortgage Broker?

When it comes time to buy a house, finding the right mortgage is almost as important as finding your new home. You want to aim for the best rate with the lowest fees. We suggest you opt for a mortgage broker. There are pros and cons to working with a mortgage broker. If you are … Continued

Mortgages: What are the Different Loan Options?

Buying a home or an investment property can be daunting. There is so much information out there it is hard to know what to tackle first. Educating yourself is the best defense while navigating the tricky waters of buying a property.  Before you get excited about your dream home, have an understanding of what different … Continued

From the Desk of Juan Diaz

Don’t let failure consume you. You don’t learn anything in life running away, you have to face fear and be ok with failing because failing is not a bad thing, it is the motivation and fire that catapults you forward.

How to get a Mortgage? What will I need?

You have two choices when trying to secure a mortgage going directly to the lender or hiring a mortgage broker. 1) Go directly to the lender or the bank. If you go directly to the lender, you will have a long winded initial appointment. It requires a lot of leg work to secure a mortgage … Continued

From the Desk of Juan Diaz

Our CEO, gives a little insight into his “backstory” I was born and raised in East Oakland, CA. My parents immigrated from Jalisco, Mexico. I came from very humble roots if you will; I was and everyone I knew was dirt poor. I am not sure if my hustle is due to nature or nurture … Continued

Why Won’t My House Sell In the Bay Area?

In a market this hot, why is your house still sitting on the market? My friend just bought a house sight unseen and $400K over asking price, she closed on her home 2 days later, $200K over asking price. Yet, my other friend has had her house sitting on the market for almost a month. … Continued

The State of the Market for Buyers in California

Is it still a buyer’s market today in ? As experts in the real estate market, we get asked this question a lot. The answer isn’t as simple as yes or no. The State of the Market for Buyers in California First off, it really depends on the property type and location. Single-family homes in … Continued

Termites, the most destructive PEST

Termite colonies take hold of your home and bore through the wood wreaking havoc on the integrity of your structure. There are several types of termites but the most common invader is the subterranean termite, known to attack in broad strokes. Termites typically love a warm climate but they are seen in every single state … Continued

Basement: Look up, Look Down, Look All Around

When looking to buy a home or if you have taken on the challenge of doing your very own home inspection: start in the basement. Basements provide storage, separate living areas, more likely than not, basements give you accessibility to the home’s major systems. The main systems of a house are your MEP (mechanical, electrical … Continued

What to expect from a Home Inspection and How to DIY: the exterior

When you buy a house you typically request a third party inspection. An inspection is necessary to evaluate the condition of your home. However, as previously noted in blog You have just renovated your house, but will it fetch the return? It is all about location. Inspections do not include certain hazards. The inspection gives an … Continued

What are the conditions to sell my house?

Are you wondering what are the steps to follow when you want to sell your house? Let us solve some of these questions for you.  So do you need to contact anyone to sell your house?  Well if you want to can get a real estate agent to help you sell your house but keep … Continued