From the Desk of Juan Diaz

Our CEO, gives a little insight into his “backstory”

I was born and raised in East Oakland, CA. My parents immigrated from Jalisco, Mexico. I came from very humble roots if you will; I was and everyone I knew was dirt poor. I am not sure if my hustle is due to nature or nurture or perhaps a little bit of both.I believe I am an innate hustler who had no choice but to get out and get to work. My potential was forced, growing up in the hood, the ghetto whatever you want to call it, I had no choice but to earn in any way I could in order to help put food on the table. You had to be alert and on your game at all times otherwise you might catch a stray bullet, get caught up in a situation that is well lets just say not so nice.Being poor, we always needed money. I constantly looked at items and wanted to resell them. Starting back when I was kid I would climb trees to pick peaches and resell them. I remember how proud I felt taking the money I earned and treating my friend. There we were two poor kids from the ghetto sitting on the curb sharing a bag of doritos, 2 cans of coke and a package of bubble gum. That feeling of earning was addicting. My little legs could only take me so far so I negotiated with a local truck driver to resell the peaches I had collected throughout the neighborhood, and an entrepreneur was born.

I would do whatever I could to make money. I would wash cars, minding you there were no lawns to cut in Oakland whatever it was I would do to make a buck. I came from a long line of hustlers and entrepreneurs. My grandfather, Ruben Ramos in the old country would buy up local farmers’ crops and transport them to the city to sell. He would use his trucks to bring goods from the countryside to the city. Everyone in my family, my grandfather had 12 kids, my Mom being one of them, followed suit with their own hustle. The two most influential entrepreneurs in the family are my two Uncles Jorge  and Efrain Ramos. My Uncle’s taught me what it means to be an entrepreneur. My Uncle Efrain would buy cars at auction and fix them up for resale. I worked alongside him to do so, same goes for my other Uncle. My Uncle Jorge would buy properties to fix up for resale. I helped in any way I could, my contracting skills began their apprenticeship. I had a passion for getting paid.  At 14 years old I started a carpet cleaning business. I saw a newspaper ad where you had to invest in carpet cleaning equipment and they would send you leads for a job and then split the profits 70/30. I quickly learned to cut out the middleman and started out on my own.

I continued that while helping both my Uncles with their businesses. I became a driver for Sonic Air but wanted more people to drive with me. My Uncles taught me a ton about looking at margins. I started, owned and operated a transportation company for 12 years out of Hayward, CA. It changed from Cal Express Deliveries to Precise Global Logistics. I was a driver for Sonic Air, for a month or two I drove all the time. I kept my car business and hustled on both fronts. I wanted people to work with me and for me. I became an agent and formed Cal Express delivery in a week. I had 5-6 drivers before you knew it. I had 20 drivers on the road. I sold all my vehicles and changed the business model where I would turn to independent contractors taking 30 percent of the profit and paying out the other 70 percent. I blew that company up to about 70 drivers all as independent contractors. That tailspinned into Precise Global Logistics, which was a 3rd party courier service. We would warehouse computer parts, run them throughout the Bay Area and offer a service where we would put computer parts on the next flight out around the country. I had couriers picking up parts on the other side of the country for delivery to the technician within 24 hours. Having so many drivers helped make my stake in the real estate world. With so many people out and about to view properties, I capitalized on that intel.

I was invested in the long game. I still owned and operated my transportation company while I opened a grocery store that was a total flop. I lost several hundred thousands of dollars in the process, in a very short amount of time. However, failures only push you to succeed. I never gave up my real estate game.

When 2008 came around I refocused my attention to real estate. I started Pecuniary Investments. I started at trustee sales, from there I went onto buy multiple properties starting Equity Track LLC. I sold the transportation company and refocused my attention on Equity Track. I got my contractor license and started a contracting business to serve my investments solely. Now, today we have established Twin Home Buyer as our business model has changed to quick flips and is moving away from long term construction projects we are buying and selling faster than ever before.