We’re Looking for Properties to Buy!

If you have inherited a home that you are looking to sell, Twin Home Buyer is the company to choose to sufficiently purchase the house quickly and for a fair-minded cash price. Our team is interested in purchasing properties throughout California, regardless of their condition. Once we are under contract, we strive to close the deal within 7 days, freeing you of your inherited property.

We Move Quickly

Give Twin Home Buyer a call today at 510-800-1662 to begin the process. Our staff will take your information and schedule a walk-through of the property. Once we’ve seen the property, we’ll provide a legitimate cash offer to you. We will cover all closing costs and commissions related to the deal, allowing you to choose a closing date and time that works with your schedule. It really is that simple.

No Repairs Needed

From homes that are in need of extensive repairs to abandoned properties, Twin Home Buyer will take your inherited home in the Bay Area off your hands for a sensible price. We have 21 years of industry experience, which makes us experts at handling the closing process efficiently. The team at Twin Home Buyer will handle everything, providing a stress-free experience from start to finish for you.