How to determine if “we buy houses” companies are credible

We show you how to review these companies and determine if they are a good fit for your home sale.

Chances are you’ve seen signs advertising companies that buy houses for cash. Oftentimes they say things like “We Buy Houses!” or “Cash For Your House.” While we do not hang signs like those (we think they’re tacky), we operate in a similar way since we can buy your house with cash. Some online reviews of house buyer websites, which are written by real estate agents, claim that companies who buy houses are only out to low-ball, pay only what your mortgage balance is, and ask for fees up front.

Very rarely are those the cases, and these articles are intended to scare you out of working with an investor, but consider the source of the writing.

So how do you know if a local house buying company is honest and credible? Buying and selling houses is a valid and respectable profession that can help communities and house sellers in many ways. That is why there are thousands of real estate professionals in every Bay Area county.

But just like any other line of work – a minority of house buyers in any market are the ones who make the rest of us look bad. (This is actually true for EVERY profession if you think about it). We’ve all heard stories about crooked cops, shady contractors, medical malpractice, greedy attorneys, and the list goes on.


Most home buying companies are actually ethical folks who seek to make a profit while improving a neighborhood and helping a homeowner sell a house fast. A win-win-win, if you will.

And then there’s shady, dishonest people who put money ahead of the well being of their clients and who would sign the contract to sell their own grandmother with one hand while stabbing you in the back with the other – as long as they were making enough money.

Yes, they are out there. 

We’ll help you avoid these “shady house buyers” so you can work with honest, ethical, and reputable local companies who can buy your house for a fair all cash offer and close on your schedule.