What are the conditions to sell my house?

Are you wondering what are the steps to follow when you want to sell your house? Let us solve some of these questions for you.

So do you need to contact anyone to sell your house? 

Well if you want to can get a real estate agent to help you sell your house but keep in mind that you will have to give them a commission of at least 2.5% of the selling price, this means you will be losing money, when you can instead sell your property to us, a company that dedicates themselves to buying houses as they are, plus we have a very fast closing time, with a real estate agent you will have to wait at least 90 days before selling your house.

Do you need to clean and fix your house before selling?

If you are listing your house on the market either by yourself or with a real estate agent you will have to make all kinds of updates to be able to meet all regulations and inspection requirements in order to sell, you will also need to hire a photographer to take all pictures of you house to post on the market, but if you decide to sell to us we will buy it right away with no need for you to worry about reparations.

When do you need to move out and where do you go? 

Well if you are doing the process with a realtor you will probably need to move out fast so the house can start being repaired, the pictures taken and the realtor will have to take people to the house for them to see it, but if you decide to do the process with us we will help you directly with moving to a new place, we have no rush, you will work on the outside of the house while you are tranquil in you house and we will not bother you. Everything is at your own pace.